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What to Do During a Water Damage Emergency

During A Water Damage Emergency, Follow These Tips And Tricks On How To Keep Your Home, Your Belongings, And Yourself Safe.

Water damage is almost never predicted and can form a stream of questions from homeowners about what to do. While every situation is different, here are a few tips that can help you stay calm and collected, even in times of emergency.

Call for Help Immediately

No matter how evident the water damage seems, you’ll want to call for help right away. In some cases, even minor leaks can turn major, and can quickly become hazardous. If it appears to be just a leak or drainage issue, a plumber can help fix the issue right away. If there’s flooding, you’ll want to call a home restoration expert.

Assess Safety

If your home doesn’t appear to be safe to stay in, you’ll want to evacuate immediately. Signs your home may be unsafe are:

  • Water is quickly gushing in

  • The water’s color is very murky, oddly colored, and you can’t see the bottom of your floor

  • You can see electrical wires poking out

  • The water is leaking onto plug-ins, wires, or electrical equipment

Take Care of Flooding Aftermath

  • Mopping and blotting are going to be your best friends in terms of flood cleanup. Find areas where the water is still present and mop it up to the best of your ability

  • Put all expensive artwork, possessions, and technology into a safe, dry place

  • Let the air conditioner run – it will help dry the inside of your home faster

  • Place wood blocks underneath the legs of furniture to prevent them from being on top of wet carpet.

  • Dry any furniture coverings or cushions

  • Clean up everything on the floor, leave no items on top of wet carpet

  • If the flooding is coming from above, stay out of rooms where the ceiling is damp or sagging

  • Although certain YouTube tutorials will advertise the use of a household vacuum, do not use it to soak up the water! It will damage your vacuum in the long run

  • Don’t use any electronics that need to be plugged in, and avoid using any outlets until given the okay from a professional

Flooding can be unpredictable, which is why you need a levelheaded, trustworthy professional to work for you! For large scale flooding damage, contact Quick Restore of Oregon to restore your home from water damage.

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