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Renovation, Remodeling, Restoration, and the Differences Between Them

Find Out The Differences Between Home Remodeling, Renovation, And Restoration With Help From Our Experienced Technicians At Quick Restore Of Oregon.

As a homeowner, you must constantly prepare for the fact that your home could need repair or even a complete makeover in the years to come. There are three different types of home projects, commonly remembered as “The three R’s.” Renovation, remodeling, and restoration all have three very different purposes and price ranges. Knowing the difference between the three can help you greatly as a homeowner when it comes to calling up a company to help. Too often, Quick Restore of Oregon has received calls from clients seeking renovation, rather than the restoration services that we offer. Listed below are a few key differences between the options, and how you can remember them in the future.


Quick Restore offers emergency restoration services, to make your home livable again after disaster. After mold, water, fire, or storm damage, restoration experts will remove the signs of damage such as mold, soot, or ash. They will then perform necessary applications such as carpet removal or repainting, to bring the home back to its original condition. Restoration means “to restore” a home, so that it resembles the original structure before damage hit. In terms of cost, it’s the cheapest of the three options, and uses the least resources. If desiring your home to be back to its normal state, call up a qualified restoration company such as Quick Restore, and we’ll get you back into good hands.


Renovation involves fixing problems within the home and adding new appliances or components. It is typically cheaper than a remodel, but more expensive than restoration. Examples of renovation could be adding a new sink, replacing tiling, or installing new light fixtures. Renovation involves changing how the inside of a space looks, without having to completely change the layout. So, when looking to give a room in your home a new look, a renovation might be right up your alley.


Remodeling is the most expensive option out of all three listed. This is due to the fact that a home remodel is changing an entire room or building, whether it be a partial, or full remodel. A remodel typically employs a plumber or electrician, and involves reshaping the structure of a home, whether by expansion or removal. Some of the factors involved in remodeling include adding a new plumbing or electrical system, taking out walls, lowering or raising ceilings, or adding new rooms onto the building. There is a lot of time and effort needed for a remodel, but if you find that your home or building isn’t operating the way it needs to, or is ineffective in its layout, it may be a great option for you.

Quick Restore of Oregon hopes these tips were able to help you in making a decision about the wellbeing of your home! When encountering home damage in the future, we’re the ones to call. With our help, we’ll get your home back into safe hands. Call us at (541) 600-5471 today and expect a visit from us in less than 24 hours. The safety of your home is our priority.

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