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Homes In The Pacific Northwest Are Prone To Water Damage Thanks To The Constant Rains, But That Isn'

If you are a new homeowner in Oregon or had the curiosity to google “common causes of water damage,” then you have landed on the right page – welcome! Dealing with water damage the DIY way is a tiring and can be a dangerous process if handled without professional help. It can leave you frustrated, broke, and sometimes with even worse water damage than you had before. The best way to handle water damage is to call a water damage restoration expert for immediate help and to talk about preventing water damage in the future. Considering the commonality of water damage in new and old homes, especially in Oregon, educating yourself about the common causes of water damage can be a preventative measure in its own way.

So, let’s talk about the most common causes of water damage in homes.


Wet or extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, natural flooding, or natural disasters can cause severe damage quickly. As Oregonians, we know what it is like to live in constant rain. Although it can be enjoyable, there are some things to keep in mind about its destructive nature. Having year-round excessive downpours can result in water seeping through the foundation of your home. The water may find its way through a crack in a ceiling or poorly sealed windows or doors. This can cause mold and mildew to build, essentially creating an unhealthy and unsafe environment. If not treated properly, the mold not only structurally damages your home, but can quickly become a serious health risk. Mold both new and old can lead to frequent colds, fatigue, and even increased asthma attacks. If you are experiencing these symptoms or are worried about mold and mildew in your home, call a certified technician for emergency mold removal as soon as possible.

Water Leaks

Aside from the intense downpours the PNW endures nine months out of the year, there are a few other ways water can severely damage your home. Failed appliances such as sewage backups, sump pumps, sinks, bathtubs, pipes, or plumbing fixtures are often the culprit of water leaks. When these systems fail, an appliance may begin to leak, causing your home to flood, property to be damaged, and water bills to skyrocket. These are the types of surprises no one wants! Leaks can originate from several places within your home such as showers, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. Pipes or plumbing fixtures may leak or burst if there is an extreme change in temperature, immense change in water pressure, or uninsulated pipes. Undetected leaks or “slow” leaks can cause a multitude of hazards ranging from decomposing mold to flooded basements. Until a pipe bursts and floods your basement, you may not realize slow leaks happening. To tell if you have a current slow leak in your home, turn off all running water and check on your water meter to see if it changes, search for smells that might indicate mold, and check all exterior appliances. Water leaks should be operated on by a professional as soon as the issue is discovered.

HVAC Unit Failure

One commonly overlooked cause of water damage is HVAC unit failure. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. If your HVAC is not maintained regularly with proper care, water and dirt can accumulate leading to hazardous mold/mildew growth and clogged drains. As the myriad of mold and dirt build up over time, HVAC systems overflow and leak, causing water bills to go up, air to be contaminated, and systems to completely fail. Schedule HVAC services at least once a year to avoid water damage complications. Knowing the signs of water damage and where damage most commonly originates from can help your friends and family stay safe and healthy. We understand that water damage can strike at inconvenient times which is why Quick Restore of Oregon phones are available 24 hours, 7 days a week for emergency calls. We want our loved ones to stay safe and avoid future water damage issues, so give us a call today because Quick Restore of Oregon is always here for you and your home!

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