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7 Ways to Protect Your Home from Water Damage

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Dealing with water damage can be a hazardous and devastating process for homeowners. Water and flood damage can leave your home and personal items in shambles and, in worse cases, unsalvageable. Homes in Oregon suffer from all types of natural disasters, from intense rain and hail to floods and toppled trees. Without the help of a professional you may be stuck with enormous amounts of stress and holes in your wallet. If you are a home or business owner and are experiencing water or flood damage, we encourage you to seek out the help of a professional water damage restoration expert as soon as possible. An expert will be able to inspect, detect, and make your house feel like home again. No one should have to suffer the aftermath of a heavy rainstorm or a burst pipe, so we wanted to share some tips and tricks to help. Here are 7 ways to protect your home from water damage.

Install a Water Leak Detection Device

A water leak detection device is a system built to monitor and detect the abnormal flow of water within your home’s piping system. Although they can be a bit on the expensive side, these helpful devices can detect leaks and automatically shut off the water supply in its entirety. If a leak occurs while you are on a family vacation, the device will shut off the flow of water into your home and prevent water damage before it even starts. So, if you are a homeowner who spends more time at the office or traveling, this device may be your saving grace.

Keep Your Gutters Clear

When was the last time you had your gutters cleared? Probably a while, right? Routinely clearing out your gutters can protect the foundation of your home significantly. As leaves, weeds, and debris build up inside your gutter, it acts as a blockade. Once the gutter is clogged, water can no longer drain through. Instead, the water overflows creating puddles along the lining of your home. The pools begin to gradually weaken the soil or rock which your house lays on, causing the water to find its way into cracks of your foundation, eventually deteriorating and weakening your walls. Regularly maintaining your gutters can help prevent this type of water damage from occurring. To help lighten a load of labor, installing gutter guards can do a great job of keeping unwanted clutter out.

Have a Professional Take A Look

Water damage restoration and remediation are surprisingly technical, so we advise scheduling maintenance checkups by a restoration specialist to ensure you and your home is protected from water damage. A highly trained and certified expert will be able to address all current and future concerns regarding everything from water damage to mold remediation. They will be able to complete repairs quickly, reduce costs, and most importantly give you peace of mind.

Keep An Eye Out For Undetected Leaks

Arguably the most destructive culprit of all water damage is undetected slow leaks. Keeping an eye out for undetected or “slow” leaks routinely may save you lots of money and unwanted stress. It is important to know where to look and how to identify slow leaks. Investigate both your interior and exterior appliances such as hoses, sinks, and exposed pipes for slow leakage. Look out for more obvious signs such as damp spots, warped wallpaper, and smells of mold or mildew. These signs will tell you if you have a slow leak.

Monitor Your Water Bill

In addition to keeping an eye out for undetected slow leaks, checking your water bill can be the first clue to a leak occurring. Being aware of your average monthly water bill costs will allow you to notice if there is a significant jump in your water “usage.” If you notice a jump, look around your home to see if you can find the source of the issue. If or when you do, call a professional for help. So, when you can, put on your detective cap and stay alert of your water bill for clues. You might just be able to catch a leak in the act.

Know Where Your Water Main Is

This may sound somewhat obvious to a few, but you may be surprised how many people do not know how to turn off their water supply in its entirety during an emergency. Plumbing emergencies can strike at any time and making sure you and your family know where the water main is and how to turn it off is vital. Once a pipe bursts and causes your home to flood, shutting off the water main immediately will stop the water from destroying your property any further. Take some time to show the younger ones the proper steps as well. You never know when a burst pipe could strike. When In Doubt, Call A Professional

Working with any type of water damage can be a dangerous procedure, so we encourage you to reach out to a water damage restoration expert to professionally inspect, remove, and restore your home efficiently. You can trust Quick Restore of Oregon to do the job right because our team has seen it all. We are your local restoration experts, and we care about you and your home!

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